La Chanson du Coq Noir

La Chanson du Coq Noir

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“La Chanson du Coq Noir”
(The Song of the Black Rooster)

Signed and numbered print 22” by 11” on card stock from a colored pencil on paper original.
Concept illustration for a children's novel based a poem by Christian Le Blanc: 

“O why do you walk in the woods in shoes?
Missing so much and so much
Walking so fast you have all to lose
Talking too much, too much!
The cypress leaves are soft as down
The trees converse with a sweeter sound
Than the sad girl walking and talking too much
Crushing the leaves and drowning the song
And missing so much and so much!”

The little girl modeled by the actress, Camryn Grimes 

- from an original run of 1000. Reserved for cast and crew of "The Young and the Restless" Only 200 reserved and available for sale.